We're planting the seeds for a better future of ads.

The World We Want to See

Ads are broken. They sacrafice user experience for profit and pit your business goals directly against the goals of your users. Many ad networks even behavioral track users across the internet building profiles about them and selling their data.

At SprigAds, we hope to change that. We're believe that sites can monetize just as well, if not better, by focusing on providing users with the content they seek.

That's where we come in. It's our goal to provide contextually driven ad feeds, that partner with content publishers and affiliate merchants, allowing our partners to send users to content through contextual ads.

Imagine you are writing an article on summer fashion, instead of aggressive banner ads, you can send your user to the latest shopping comparison site and get a cut of the revenue for anything they buy. It creates a powerful user experience, where your goals are aligned with the user. Most publishers don't go this route as it means manually creating relationships with thousands of sites and manually building ad links. But, not with SprigAds. We've build relationships with more than 77,000+ brands world wide, and automatically build ads based on the context of the page, so that you can focus on what you do best.

A better experience for your user. More money for your business. And, a world where everyone's privacy is respected? That's the future we want to see. We hope you'll take this journey with us!

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